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MobileMe iDisk Folder

Hey Gary I have they has stomp me and may be a bug in Snow Leopard or something easy in permissions but on my home iMac I have 5 users including myself. I am the only user with MobileMe. So when I am logged in my account and do a fast switch to another user, OS X puts an “denied access” folder (you know the blue folder that has the red dot with white stripe) on the “switched to” user. This folder is my iDisk folder. Explan this one. Lol. Anyway thanks for all the great mac content that you offer!!

— Michael

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    11 years ago

    So when you switch to a user that doesn’t have permission to view the iDisk folder, they can’t, right? Seems correct. Only the MobileMe users should have access to his or her iDisk.

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