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I just bought a new monitor for my Macbook Pro. To my surprise when I opened the box I saw that it came with software, so I started to question whether or not it would work with my computer. I didn’t know if you have ever heard of a monitor not working with a Mac before? I bought an HP S2031 20″ Diagonal HD Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor.
Also since I have to buy a connector for my Macbook Pro to the monitor from Apple (Minidisplay port to VGA or DVI adaptor) I was wonder which connection was better, the VGA connection or the DVI adaptor?
Thank You

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    11/26/10 @ 3:42 pm

    Any monitor you buy in a store, especially from a name brand like that, should work with your Mac. It is just a matter of getting the right adapter. Definitely use the DVI adapter — you want to stay all digital from the computer to the monitor. DVI is the more modern, digital connection type.

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