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No Need To Hammer It??

If an encrypted disk fails, no need to take a hammer to it as the data on the disk is unrecoverable, correct?
In the past, I’ve had disks fail on me. Since the I couldn’t zero out the disk I would take a hammer to it to destroy the platters because I know the platters are still readable.

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    7 years ago

    If the disk was encrypted, then I can’t see how the bits can be accessed without the key.
    Of course it depends on how important the data is. For instance, if you are a government or corporate intelligence agent, then you should probably hammer it. Well, actually you would just turn it in to your agency and they would shred the drive. :)
    But if you are just trying to protect your credit card number, then I can’t see how it would be worth it to operate on the disk to fix it, and then break the encryption with some extreme equipment. Be a lot easier to pose as a waiter and grab 20 credit card numbers in a few hours.

    John M. Hammer
    7 years ago

    It may not be strictly necessary, but when a hard drive goes irretrievably bad, there’s not quite so satisfying as a few whacks with a hammer.

      Joseph Allen
      7 years ago

      Caution: John, once you have a hammer in your hand, everything looks like a nail … ((<: }

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