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Numbers – Exel – How Do I Work/organise a Good Flow ?

when i make a file in numbers i can send it or export it to an exel file.
i also save it in dropbox as an exel file.
but… when i go back and want to change something about it i need to save it or export it again as an exel file if not it is saved as a numbers file…

after a while i find myself with numerous files numbers & exel files and don’t know which one to use…

is this a subject you could make a video about ?
filip mestdag

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    2 years ago

    Numbers works with Numbers files. When you save, you are saving a Numbers file. You don’t “save” as an Excel file, you “export a copy” as an Excel file.

    So, first, why are you exporting it as an Excel file at all? What is your need for that? Maybe if I knew that I could better help.

    Otherwise, why not just keep overwriting the same Excel file? So you have a Number file called “MySpreadsheet007.numbers” or whatever, and you export a copy as “MySpreadsheet007.xls” using the same base name? Then when you make changes, simply export it out using the same name and replace the old Excel file?

    2 years ago

    i save the numbers file as an exel file (i usually use it for pricelists) because i send it to customers and they mostly don’t work on macs and if they do they mostly work with exel…

    2 years ago

    filip: Then keep just overwriting the same file with an export. Or, maybe save it to iCloud Drive and share it with them. Then they can view it online whether they have Excel or not.

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