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Numbers On iCloud, Can’t Share a Cell From Table To Table

Hey Gary! First off I’ve purchased the last 2 Mac tutorials and love them!! I actually bought the second to last as a gift for my bro in law and it’s saved me from being my families version of you.

The question is when I’m at work I use Numbers on ICloud for most work so when I go home I can work on things if needed. But for numbers I’m having trouble. Seems a lot of simple things can’t be done. The main problem is using a cell from one table on a cell in another sheet or table. I know this can be done on IOS version or Sierra but again I can’t figure it out when online with iCloud Numbers.

Again thank you sir, your doing Gods work.

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    8 years ago

    I see what you mean. When you use the cursor to try to create a formula that gets the value of a cell in another table, it doesn't work in the web version of Numbers. So you type "=" and then click on the cell in the other table and it simply exits the formula and selects the cell.
    The way around this is to simply type the full path to the cell manually, instead of relying on the mouse and cursor to do it with a click.
    For instance, if you want to simply grab the value of the cell D11 in table "Table 1" then the formula would be =Table 1::D11
    Notice that there are two colons (::) when you reference a table like that. It also looks like you'll get single quotes automatically inserted around the name when you do this, so you can add them yourself if you want ='Table 1'::D11

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