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Office 365 Doesn’t Work Since Catalina Update, Fix?

My MacBook pro is a couple of years old and I purchased the subscription to Office 365 in March of 2019. After I updated system to Catalina, office, excel, etc all show that they need to be updated. The update program says they are up to date and I can’t find any guidance as to how to get them to work now.
Carolyn F

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    12 months ago

    Not sure what the problem could be there. One option is to simply reinstall them. But I wouldn’t do it from Microsoft. You have your subscription with your Microsoft login credentials. So I would remove the version of Office you have now using the official uninstaller if you can, and install the one from the Mac App Store. Those install much easier, update easier, and are cleaner individual apps without the need of any supporting files.

    Once you have them installed, you simply use your ID from your subscription to log in and you have full access. I did this last year and it works much better.

    William H. Mackey
    12 months ago

    Reboot the computer. Worked for me when I could not get Excel for Mac to work after Catalina install.

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