Forum Question: One-Key Screenshot Shortcut?

Hi Gary,
I take a lot of screenshots …command-shift-3 becomes very tedious … is there any way I can configure my keyboard to perform the same function with one key ? I work on a late ’09 24″ i-mac running El Captan 10.11.6 …. I use a Bluetooth Logitech keyboard K811 for Mac which appears to be set up the same as the keyboard my unit came with … thank you … Garett
Garett von Ulfeld

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    3/19/17 @ 1:55 pm

    Yes, you can certainly do that. Of course your options are really limited with one key. Most keys you wouldn’t want to map to a shortcut as it would impede typing and the normal function of your Mac.
    But you can go into System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts and change the Screen Shots shortcuts to whatever you want. So you may want to use one the F-keys for that. That’s probably your best bet if you want it to be only one key.

    robert sigafoos
    3/19/17 @ 5:45 pm

    What about using Utilities/Grab app? Command+Z is screenshot and other options.

    Garett von Ulfeld
    3/26/17 @ 3:00 pm

    Gary, have tried what you suggested … in Shortcuts, Screen Shots – Save picture of screen as a file …. command – shift -3 highlights but will not allow me to delete or overwrite to another key … any thoughts ?

    3/27/17 @ 4:31 am

    What keys have you tried? See if a normal key will work, like Shift+Command+5. If so, and it doesn’t work for an F-key, it could just be that you need to use the FN key in conjunction with the F-key, or toggle how F-keys work on your Mac in System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard, “Press fn key to…”.

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