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Open a Text Box Of a Set Size In Pages?

In Pages, when I am in Page Layout, every time I select a new text box it arrives on the page at a default size and shape. This happens even if I just paste text to the page. Usually I need to adjust this box. Is there a way to set the default so it more closely fits my needs when I am working on specific projects?

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    7 months ago

    There is no way to set the default, but you can always copy and paste if you have a text box of that size already present. And that is likely you are often creating these particular-sized boxes. You can even have a document that just contains these text boxes and other elements you like to reuse. Just have it open in another window or tab, switch to it, copy the box and then paste it.

    You also may want to look into utilizing Master Pages and making your own custom theme/template if you find yourself using similar elements all of the tine.

    6 months ago

    Thanks Gary, a Master Page is exactly what I am looking for!

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