Forum Question: Opening document with old .WPS extension

A friend sent an attachment written on a relic Windows machine ending in the relic .WPS (Microsoft Works, not Word) extension.
Is there a program I might likely have on my new Mac that would open it? (Pages, Text Edit, OpenOffice, and MS Word all failed for me.) If not, what’s your opinion on a very good “Swiss Army knife” file translator that might help?

— John Russell

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    6/22/10 @ 10:56 pm

    Your best bet — really — is to email the friend back and ask them very nicely to send you another copy. If they have Works they should be able to open and re-save the file in a more compatible format, like RTF, DOC maybe, or something else.
    If you want to throw time and money at it instead, maybe look at MacLink Plus, — I’ve never used it, but it might do what you want.

    Alan Buhler
    6/23/10 @ 6:41 am

    We run into this at our Middle School where students bring in a document on a flash drive and try to print. We’ve had luck with “open with” the old Appleworks 6.2.9 (still works fine in Leopard) and Pages. MSWord 2004 and Office X may handle this document type, but 2008 will not – somehow it broke in the update. At least that’s been our experience at school. Hope this helps

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