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I switched from Windows to Mac a couple of years ago and of course I will never go back, but there were a few window’s features that I liked. On is that you can highlight several files in Windows Explorer and hit the Enter key and Windows will open all the files. I’m using OS 10.5.8 and I have to highlight the files that I want to open in Finder and than move my hand back to the mouse to double click in just the right spot to open all the files. If I mistakenly click just a smidgen to the left or right of that spot only one file is opened. Can Mac Leopard be set to open several files at once by selecting the files in Finder and hitting Enter?
Don Swearingin

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    12/22/10 @ 11:21 am

    The way to do it on the Mac is to use Command+O. That’s the keyboard shortcut for File, Open. You can select several files, and then type Command+O and they will all open in their various applications.
    You may also want to look into using Quick Look if your need is to simply view the files, not edit them. See episode 347:

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