Forum Question: OS 10.6.4 weirdness

Anyone else experiencing any issues with the newest update? After I did, the mouse periodically is non responsive, Apple applications freezes before actually opening. It doesn’t freeze with the adobe suite or Microsoft office apps. Also, it does not recognize my external HDs and now I can’t update the firm ware. However, i can still add stuff to the drive when unplugged and replugged in so I can use it. Any other issues been reported? I had a great, fast and efficient computer and now since the newest update all I have is a mediocre windows PC. Truly sad for a commuter that is less than 10 months old

— Scott A

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    6/19/10 @ 11:45 am

    I haven’t heard of anyone else having trouble with it. Check to see what is running in the background — Login items in account preferences. Activity Monitor. Maybe something you have running isn’t working well with 10.6.4?

    7/9/10 @ 11:42 am

    I have installed Mac OS X version 10.5.8.

    When I click on software updates, I never get version 10.6.4.

    Do I need 10.6.4? Is it better than what I have? If it is better, why doesn’t it appear in my automatic updates. The only things I get are “remote,” and iTunes updates, neither of which I need, therefore do not update them.

    If 10.6.4 is better, and free, how do I update to it?

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