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The start of this is I want to create a shape that I draw, put a photo in it and blur the edges. I have some photos that don’t blur the way I want the edges to in iPhoto. (still don’t have the answer) In searching for an answer, I learned there are hidden frames, graphics, spreadsheets. This made me curious about why they are delivered but hidden and what else might be available and how to find it!

— sue Ryan

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    5/27/10 @ 8:15 am

    No way to know why they are hidden. Perhaps they are not as full-featured or fully operational as the others, but are part of some Apple templates. So it is just that they don’t appear in lists for you to choose.

    Odd-Arne Dahle
    5/20/12 @ 2:06 am

    It is not only Frames and Strokes that are hidden versions. There are also hidden version of ChartFills (Images and Textures to graphs). This is missing in Pages, Keynote and Numbers. The PLIST file for Frames and Strokes have different name in different programs, but not this one. SFCChartFills.plist has to be updated in every iWork program, the easy way is to have one edited version in documents folder then drag and copy and replace file. Fills can be found:
    Library/Application Support/iWork’09/Content/Fills
    Here you find 3 folders Colors, Images and Textures.

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