Forum Question: Parallels vs VMWare Fusion

I don’t know if someone has asked this question before but I would like to know which one out of Parallels and VMWare Fusion is the best one to use.

I have looked at both of them and I’m finding it hard to pick which one. I what to be able to surf the internet and burn/copy DVD’s in Windows. I don’t want to do anything to hard in Windows as this is all I do now via Boot Camp. The only thing I can see is the price, Fusion being a little cheaper here in Australia.

I do hope someone can give me some idea which one is the best to use

— Paul

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    5/6/10 @ 8:28 am

    THey are both pretty similar as they compete with each other, so they each try to make sure they have at least the same features. I know people love them both. Nice to have to choose between two good-quality products, isn’t it?

    Leonard Bryan
    5/6/10 @ 4:59 pm

    I personally am using Parallels, mainly because of Quicken Essentials for the Mac. It will NOT print checks and I have to run Windows in order to run Quicken For Windows so I can print my checks. It runs Windows programs perfectly and I love the Crystal mode in Parallels which has the Windows menu on the Mac title bar and allows you to run your Windows programs in a separate window on the Mac. It integrates perfectly with your hardware on your Mac, such as your mouse, keyboard, and your printer and it allows you to copy files from the Windows machine to the Mac. If you HAVE to run Windows on the Mac Parallels is the way to go………

    5/7/10 @ 7:36 am

    They are both good – I have used Parallels and now using VM Fusion. I am a heavy Windows/Mac user and VM has been working great for me… never had any problems cut/copy/paste between the two operating system and working with two monitors – one running Windows and the other Mac. It’s like having two computers in one all the time…. and Windows runs faster.. :-)

    5/7/10 @ 11:08 pm

    Thanks for your help everyone. I’m trying VM Fusion at the moment only because it allows you to run it for 30 days before buying where as Parallels only gives you 8 days to try, (which I don’t think is long enough). I still don’t know which way to go, both are just too close to each other. Here in Australia VM Fusion is cheaper by $10 which I know isn’t much and not a real issue for me. I think I’ll give Parallels a go for a week and see how it goes. Mind you I’m getting the hang of VM Fusion thou.

    It’s great having two good programs available but it makes it so damn hard to pick one or the other. Why couldn’t one be better than the other to make it easier to pick :)

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