Forum Question: PC Font Compatibility for Macs?

Just a short while away from buying my first Mac when one quick question occurred to me as I was archiving my HD… Anyhoo….I’m a bit of a font-freak, and was a bit worried if any of my large collection of fonts might not be compatible with my soon-to-be-new MacMini? Scanning over my archive, they all seem to be either “TrueType” or “OpenType”. My only concern over compatibility, you understand, is that many fonts were gifted to me (I would have otherwise have to have paid a large sum for them) and others are one-of-a-kinds that were especially designed for specific individuals (they ere also a gift).

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    9/2/11 @ 12:57 pm

    The differences between Mac and PC fonts have been over for a long time. For instance, TrueType fonts should be cross-platform. But you may have older fonts that could pose issues.
    Even if the fonts are cross-platform, I find there are different tolerance levels between systems and OSes for errors in fonts — a lot of font files have errors in them that are sometimes overlooked, and sometimes not.
    But I’m far from a font expert, so this is just some general information. I don’t know how to see if all of those fonts work for sure in Lion unless you simply test them. Perhaps you can borrow or rent a new Mac (with Lion) just for such a purpose?

    9/3/11 @ 1:15 pm

    Thanks a lot! I was worried about that… My collection of fonts is really no more than a year or two old.

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