Forum Question: Please help !! Did i screw up my imac?

I have a 2yr old 24″ imac. It had been running slow for a few days, getting the beachball often. I did a disk utility and it said needs repaired, tried to repair and could not be repaired. Read online about starting off disk. Did this and still cannot repair drive. At this point i cannot load my desktop, all i get is the grey screen with apple logo and spinning wheel. Let sit several times as long as 1 hr. Still no responce. Started in safe mode, smc and pram resets. Nothing. I tried to repair disk several more times no luck, so finally i went with the erase and reinstall. About 2/3 through install of first disk , install stops error message : 10, 20, 30 mins stalled waiting on one message. I have tried several times to install. Is my HD shot? Any other suggestions? I need this computer and am 4hrs from any Apple store. Thanks so much for any help.

— Brad Funk

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    6/13/10 @ 4:25 pm

    Best case is that your operating system is a little screwed up. Which means that an OS X re-install will fix it. Backup first, of course, and re-install OS X. Try it first without clearing the disk — just install OS X, leaving everything else.
    Worst case is that your drive is failing. Same first step here — back up! Then, replace the drive, install OS X and your applications, and then restore the user account from the backup.
    Unless you’ve done it before, I’d recommend getting a professional to help. Even if an Apple Store isn’t nearby, you should still be able to find a shop that has qualified people to help.

      Brad Funk
      6/13/10 @ 6:31 pm

      Is it worth repairing HD myself? I think i could get the drive in ok, its loading and setting up the os that i may have troubles with. Thanks!

        6/13/10 @ 6:49 pm

        It is hard to say. I’ve done it many times before, but I’ve got a lot of experience. You take a certain risk when doing it yourself. Sometimes it is worth it to pay a pro to do the work and take on the responsibility.

    Brad Funk
    6/13/10 @ 8:12 pm

    Thanks Gary!

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