Forum Question: Printer drivers stopped working with Lion

I have just upgraded my Snow Leopard to Lion and on the whole love it.
The printer driver has stopped working, however – I am a pastor and our church uses a Canon iRC2380i on a network.
I realise it takes some time for manufacturers to roll out updated drivers etc., but need to be able to print now, so am probably a bit previous with the upgrade.
Can I roll back to Snow Leopard until Canon is ready? – How?
is it just a question of using the Snow Leopard disk – and will I be able to redownload Lion without paying again?
Julian Richards

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    7/22/11 @ 8:24 am

    First, I would see if you can get the printer working again. I’d try removing the printer and adding it. See if that works.
    Have you tried contacting Canon? Maybe they have a solution?
    Have you tried searching for the printer model plus “Lion” to see if anyone else has posted a solution?
    Seems odd that it doesn’t work. I would think that any printer that worked on Snow Leopard would work on Lion.
    You can go back to Snow Leopard, but I’m not sure how smooth the process is. The Snow Leopard disc is key, I’m sure, but I haven’t tried it.
    You have purchased Lion in the Mac App store, so you can always re-download it without paying. That part shouldn’t be an issue.

    Julian Richards
    7/24/11 @ 2:58 pm

    Thanks Gary,
    Have already tried uninstalling the printer and reinstalling, have also tried the post script rather than the ufr driver, and redownloaded the latest updated driver from the website.
    have also tried technical support from both the lease company and canon europe.
    Hopefully this will iron out in the fulness of time, What I have to do at the moment is save my documents onto the office server and print from that – a pain but not impossible.
    thanks for your tips – I’ll keep trying!

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