Forum Question: Problem With Airport Extreme

I am having my a problem with my airport extreme wireless router. I plug my ethernet cable that’s running from my dsl modem into it and the light still flashes orange and will not show up in my wireless networks. I’ve tried reseting my modem, unplugging everything and hooking it back up, still with no resolve. Any advice would be useful.

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    12/2/10 @ 10:52 pm

    There is a lot to consider. Are you sure your DSL modem works? Did you follow all the instructions and troubleshooting tips that came with the DSL modem? Did you call their support?
    If that all works, did you follow the instructions that came with the Airport Extreme? Did you run the Airport Utility application on your Mac and go through the setup process?

    12/4/10 @ 8:30 am

    Try plugging your Airport Extreme directly into your computer using ethernet for the setup. I have found this useful. Once you set the router up with your modem you can try to disconnect and switch to “wireless” mode

    12/4/10 @ 8:41 am

    Also, once you set up a “physical” connection between your router and computer, inside the Airport Utilities app if your double click the router on the left side pane and under summary tap there is a “status” indication, if you click that the router is usually smart enough to tell you what is wrong.

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