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Problems Sending JPG Images To PC

Gary, when sending pictures to a PC, this person had great difficulty opening them. I sent jpg, zipped jpgs etc. He finally was able to open them but then he sent this to me,
“his request was made to send photos non embedded. What does that mean & how do I do that in the future?”

Iv never had a problem sending jpgs from Apple Mail to other PCs.

Gary B

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    7 years ago

    Hard to say without seeing what he is seeing on the other end. Email has so many varieties. On a PC he could be using a stand-alone email app (Outlook) all the way to simply accessing email via a webpage like with Hotmail or Yahoo, etc.
    Embedded probably means "in" the email -- so you see it in the body of the email. Like if you drag it into the composing window and it appears with your text. The alternative would be simply as an attachment.
    But it shouldn't make any difference as any way of viewing email should allow him to see an attached image in both manners.
    Looking into a, a simple search turned up this:
    Seems that the problem is that different versions of Outlook have different bugs making it hard for users to view inline attachments. And Apple Mail always indicates it is sending an inline attachment. Since your friend has figured it out on his end, there is probably no reason to take action now on your part. And I'll bet it is because they are using an old version of Outlook, but it is impossible for me to know.

    Gary B
    7 years ago

    Thank you, I'll dig deeper into what he has at the other end. One strange thing is, I sent 30 jpgs and he had no problems, it was only when I sent a single jpg (several trys) did he have issues.

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