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Push Mail On iPhone

This may be a stupid question, but how do I get push notifications every time a mail reaches the server, so that I don´t have to open the mail app and check mail myself.
I tried enabling push in settings, but nothing seems to happen.
I have both iCloud mail, hotmail and 2 gmails. Will it work for every mail ?
Also, exactly what is micosoft exchange ?

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    7 years ago

    You have to have things set up right on your iPhone, but it sounds like you do.
    Make sure in your Mail settings that you have Fetch New Data settings set to “Push” — but also look under Advanced inside those settings and see which accounts are set to push and which may not be.
    But you also have to have a mail server that “pushes” mail. Some don’t.
    For example, an IMAP mail server can push mail, but a POP mail server cannot.
    iCloud and Gmail are both similar to IMAP and should do push. Though with Gmail you can configure Mail to fetch mail like a POP server. It depends how yo set it up. If you set it up as a “Gmail” server then you are OK. But if you originally set it up years ago it may be set up as a POP server.
    I’m not sure about Hotmail — if that is capable of push or not.
    So IMAP is a type of mail server, POP is another. Microsoft Exchange is yet another. Usually you would use it if you work for a company and that company has set up their email using a Microsoft server. Otherwise, you never have to deal with it.

      7 years ago

      Thanks for a very quick answer.
      I have now set it for push and sent a mail to my self, but nothing happens.
      Is that because it only fetches mails every 15 min or something like that ? I thought that it would get pushed the minute a mail entered the server.

        7 years ago

        It should check more often than that if the server is right and your settings are right. But there are a lot of factors.

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