Forum Question: Quicktime 7 Pro and Quicktime X playback

After exporting my movies and viewing them on both quicktime apps. The playback will stop about 4 seconds into the movie, than I would have to hit play again than movie will continue to play. I even spoke with Apple tecs and they did not have any solutions. Gary you have any ideas. Thank you…

— Imacer99

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    5/14/10 @ 5:59 am

    What formatmare the movies? Did you try another format? Did you try some other movies? Can you try the same thing on another Mac to determine if it is the movies or your Mac?

    5/14/10 @ 12:55 pm

    Using MPEG 4, H .264 and move to quicktime. I am going to try on other mac as well. Let you know what happens.

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