Forum Question: Recording College Lectures for an iPod or iTunes

I am going into college, and I am interested into getting my first mac. I want to also be able to easily record the lectures, and I was planning on using a simple digital voice recorder. Some of the digital voice recorders advertised that they can save audio files as WAV, and MP3. Using one of these formats, could I save the lectures into itunes and put them on a ipod or listen to them on a computer? If not would you have any other suggestions for recording lectures.

Thanks I appreciate your time and effort

— Stephen

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    6/4/10 @ 10:10 am

    Absolutely. Most (all?) digital records will record in a format that you can play on your Mac. But some are better than others, and some will be easier to deal with than others. Ideally you want a recorder that will allow you to easily transfer and play back files on your Mac and then transfer them to your iPod without conversion. So read reviews of each and look for mentions of Mac compatibility.
    If you have an iPhone, iPad or even a the most recent iPod Nano, you can use any of those as a voice recorder, BTW. The latest iPod Nano could be a particularly good choice if you already have it, or if it is time to upgrade.

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