Forum Question: Remote control for iPad and iphone

Is there an app that you can control your regular tv and apple tv from my iPhone and iPad?

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    9/5/11 @ 4:10 pm

    Well there definitely is a controlled for the Apple TV. It was one of the very first apps. “Remote” — search for it. But as for controlling your TV, not sure what you want from that. Most TVs use an infrared transmitter in their remotes. Your iPad and iPhone don’t have one of those. I suppose some of the newer TVs that hook into your wifi network could also have an app that controls the TV through your network — they would need to build an iPhone app for it.
    I’ve got a DirecTV app that allows me to control my DirecTV box from my iPad. I can’t turn my TV on or off with it, but I can control the station and set recordings and such. Perhaps there is one from your cable/satellite provider too — search for that.

    Jerry G
    9/6/11 @ 5:50 pm


    Most regular TV remotes use IR transmitters (infrared light), and the iPhone and iPad don’t have these as far as I know. Older PDAs, like Palm Pilots, had IR transceivers and could be used as TV remotes. A Google search turns up an accessory IR unit for the iOS devices:


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