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Resizing the Sidebar Font in Finder?

Is this possible? I know that you can change the size of the sidebar itself quite easily, but I’ve not found anyway to make the font larger.

— Alex Quin

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    14 years ago

    This is something a lot of people ask for. But you can't do it in Leopard or Snow Leopard. Of course you can always use the Zoom feature in Universal Access, but that's a poor substitute for what you really want to do.

    Kenneth Smith
    14 years ago

    I have always wished that I could change both the font and spacing between both sections and items. I was really hoping this would be possible with the rewrite of finder in SL 10.6. I also miss the dual pane functionality available in 3rd party apps such as forklift, though I tend to stick with finder due to integration with OS X. I love Mac OS X but sometimes the simplest functions seem to be missing.

    kudos to Gary and MacMost, an awesome website

    13 years ago

    has this been dealt with yet? can you resize font for the system- so that you keep your hi res and are still able to read whats on your screen?

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