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What a coincidence that your iTunes tip today was about replacing hard drives. I didn’t notice the signs that it was about to die. It died. I lost everything except pictures that I had been storing on an external hard drive.

The only thing I’m devastated to have lost are my two blogs. One for personal use – one as a teacher. All of these files exist on iDisk right? Isn’t there a way to retrieve all the site files from my iDisk??

Please help!

— Maggie

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    3/24/10 @ 8:49 pm

    I’m sorry to say that I don’t believe there is any way to restore your iWeb files from the html pages on the MobileMe site. But you still have the content on the site now, so I would get all of your text and images through copy and paste and ctrl+clicks to save the images. Then start re-creating it. It will be a lot of work, but I don’t see any way around it if you want to recreate your blogs.
    One shortcut might be to view the RSS feed for your blogs and grab all the info from one page instead of many.
    And then… of course start backing up using Time Machine. I’m guessing it is easy to see the value of backing up now :)

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