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Scanning QR Codes On Desktop Mac

What is the best way to scan printed QR codes on a mac mini? I have a Blue USB webcam. What software do I require?

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    4 years ago

    I would just search the Mac App store and see what is available. Make sure the features match what you want. Then read reviews to determine the best one.
    Why do you need to scan QR codes on a Mac? Usually they are for convenience instead of typing a URL on a mobile phone when you see an ad.

    4 years ago

    I own a small business and we are going to use constant contact for our e-newsletter program. We are going to offer coupons with a unique identifier in them. ( QR code) To redeem the coupon at our Point of sale we need to scan the QR code, ( filemaker on desktop) . I checked the QR readers on the app store, however most received no or poor ratings.
    Thanks for your help

    4 years ago

    Why not use just a code as a unique identifier? Seems like QR codes just make things more complex in this case.

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