Forum Question: Seagate NAS 110 server not working under Lion

I follow you every week and I have to confess I made a stupid mistake. I was going on a month vacation and decided I was going to carry with me a 1,5 TB external HDD with all my important files and leave it at the beach house as an external backup procedure. I also have one at the office.
So I needed to buy a new HDD to compensate and leave behind. So a couple of days before leaving I went to Saturn and bought a 2 TB Seagate NAS 110 server which worked well with Snow Leopard, completed the file transfer and left for a month.
When I came back I had Lion on my Air and proceeded to upgrade both my Mac minis. And now the Seagate NAS no longer works! I have read that Seagate was aware a few months ago, but they have done nothing to their software. And even if I only used the NAS drive for 2 days, it is past the return date. WHat should I do, since Seagate does´t seem to be in a hurry to update their Black Armour Discovery software?

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    8/12/11 @ 7:00 am

    Have you called Seagate? I would.
    Call them and ask them about the situation directly. What you read may be incorrect, or may be standard policy but they will make an exception if you complain.
    Ask to return the product and get your money back. See how good (or not) their customer service is.

    8/13/11 @ 5:50 pm

    I know it won’t help a lot as you’ve already bought your Seagate NAS but I can strongly recommend (my) Buffalo Linkstation Duo . They had the same problems with AFP and Time Machine and updated their firmware within 20 days so it’d work with Lion.

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