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Seems like OS X missing important elements??

I am new to Mac, coming from Windows, so I was under the impression that Mac OS X has about all you regarding utility programs all built-in, but I reading here and there that there are certain utilities that you need to get from 3rd parties, e.g. SuperDuper or CCC. There are other examples, a text expander app, launch app etc. Why doesn’t Apple provide these utilities in the OS?

I find it interesting that any Mac user doing video will usually need HandBrake and they are the only provider of that type of program. I am guessing because it’s free no other developer has tried to write his own, his it’s difficult to compete with free unless your product is significantly better. Anyway, FCP doesn’t provide the service of HandBrake.

— Royce

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    10 years ago

    Those programs you mentioned are great. But the typical Mac user doesn’t need the,. SuperDuper and CCC are usually used for backups, but the typical Mac user would just Time Machine for the primary backup (those other programs are good for secondary backups). Text Expander is a helpful utility, but not something most people need. Handbrake is usually used for ripping DVDs — iMovie and FCP are for editing video. Very different things.

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