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Share iTunes Library Across 8 Family Member’s Computers

We have 8 computers for 8 family members. All music is ripped CDs we bought. Each computer has disk space for full backup of library. Want to put library in cloud, then rip a new CD once, put into cloud, and everyone can download into iTunes. (all iTunes sharing is limited to 5 computers). So how to do this, AND how to rip a CD and get into cloud for all to get. Thanks!
Ken Major

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    12 years ago

    Why put the files in the cloud? How about a shared network drive? Or have one computer that is always on be the server for the rest (that's what I do). So that one Mac rips the CDs and places them in the media folder which is then shared by the rest. The rest won't automatically see the new files, but a quick drag and drop will add them to iTunes (assuming the family member wants that CD to appear in iTunes).
    You could do the same with DropBox and get a cloud solution, but that would probably mean buying some extra DropBox space, and you'd have copies of each CD on each computer -- 9 copies, including the one on the server. Plus, you'd still need to add the songs to iTunes for each computer, there's no way around that.

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