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Should I Be Using Virus Checking Software?

I have the free version of Avast on my iMac but I have read mixed views about it and some views that say virus checking software isn’t necessary on a Mac. It hasn’t caused me any problems but I’d rather not use it if it has issues or it’s unnecessary. Any views?
Tony Staples

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    6 years ago

    In my opinion, no. You do not need to use any anti-virus software on your Mac. Your Mac already does checking for malware at the system level. There are no viruses for Macs. That is "malware" -- usually "trojans" that you get when you download software from sources you don't trust.


    In addition, anti-virus software can cause problems. It slows your Mac down. And there are false positives that cause you to waste your time or not be able to use your Mac. That very software you are using has been causing some people issues because of a false positive recently.

    And of course many of these just take your money and don't do much that the OS isn't already doing. Some claim to scan for X number of viruses, but they are all Windows viruses and the claim is that they are protecting the Windows machines on your network or some such nonsense. Even the "free" versions come with the cost of them trying to convince you to buy their paid versions.

    Tony Staples
    6 years ago

    Thanks Gary. I'll get rid.

    Gary Ward
    6 years ago

    Gary, what is the best app to check for malware and get rid of it? Thanks!

    6 years ago

    Gary: I don't like any of them. If you suspect you have malware, search the Internet for your symptoms and see if anything comes up, particularly in the Apple discussion forums. If, after reading about it, you think you may have it, look there or search again for how to get rid of it. But more importantly, figure out how you got it (for example -- installing something from a site) and avoid that in the future.
    If you just can't figure it out, take your Mac to the Genius Bar and have them look.

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