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Should I Import Video In iPhoto or iMovie?

I received an HD camcorder for Christmas which is great and I want to edit what I record using iMovie. When I connect the camcorder to my iMac, it automatically opens iPhoto to import the files. But I can also import using iMovie.
My question is, does it matter which I import into? Are the quality settings the same? If it is better to import into iMovie, is there a way of stopping iPhoto from trying to take control?
Many thanks for your advice
Andy C

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    7 years ago

    Import into iPhoto if you want to keep the raw video in your permanent collection. However, if you prefer to edit the video first, create a more polished and trimmed video from the raw parts, and then save it, then import into iMovie.
    Some people just want to save the video and are not interested in editing. Others take a loot of footage with the idea that they will edit it together and keep only what they want. So it is up to you to decide how you like to do things.
    To stop iPhoto from automatically running when you connect the camera: Go to iPhoto, Preferences. In the “General” tab, look for “Connecting Camera Opens” and select “No Application.”

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