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Should I Run Both Mojave and Catalina to Keep Using Photoshop?

I am thinking about creating a new volume on my 500 GB internal SSD (APFS) in my 2017 iMac, and installing Catalina on it while keeping Mojave on the “original” volume. I know how to do this using Disk Utility, but would like to know if, in your opinion, this is advisable. One Apple forum says that running two macOS´s on one volume can lead to problems. I don´t want to use/buy Parallels, because I´ve read it can slow everything down. I could, of course, just make a clone of Mojave on an external SSD and install Catalina on the internal, re-booting as necessary. I need to keep Mojave because I depend on the “big elephant in the room” that doesn´t work with Catalina…Photoshop. As I´m not prepared to play Adobe´s subscriotion games I´m looking at alternatives…Affinity Pro, for example. What do you think? Thanks!
Ian Leckie

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    2 years ago

    That seems like a lot of effort (both initial and ongoing) just to support one single outdated app. There are so many better ways to go.

    1. Update Photoshop. Why don’t you like software subscriptions? Before them, I was paying $600/year to buy Adobe updates. Now I pay much less than that and I’m always updated. As a software developer, I see subscriptions as saving the industry. Doing the thing where you come out with a new version every year and begging people to upgrade so you can keep an income was never going to work long-term. It can’t keep software companies going, and it isn’t good for the users either — they end up getting new features designed by marketing departments to sell upgrades instead of features asked for by users.

    2. Buy Photoshop Elements. That’s still an alternative to Pro Photoshop without a subscription. Obviously you don’t need the full power of Photoshop or you wouldn’t be years out of date now anyway.

    3. Get an alternative. Like you mentioned, there is Affinity. Also Pixelmator Pro and Acorn. There are more. Not to mention GIMP if you really want that. If you love — I mean LOVE — Photoshop, then pay for it. But I suspect that you do not since you haven’t upgraded in a while. So go with something else.

    All of these would be much better than messing around with dividing your hard drive and maintaining two operating systems (think of all the reboots!).

    Ian Leckie
    2 years ago

    Gary, I seem to have struck nerve with you about subscriptions :( That was most certainly not my intention! I forgot that you’re a software developer, and should have been more circumspect! Sorry! You have given me good advice, and I will be sticking with Photoshop. I can get it here where I live for €11,89 monthly, plus Lightroom. Seems very reasonable! And yes, the continuous reboots with my idea would have been a pain. I never really liked the idea of dividing my HD! Regards, Ian.

    2 years ago

    I have both Mojave and Catalina on my IMac and so far no troubles. I mainly use Mojave, but check Catalina for updates every couple of weeks.

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