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Should I Use File Shortcuts To Reduce Having File Duplicates and How?

I want to better organize my files in my folders. So as not to have duplicate files I thought I’d create file shortcuts (links) to files or symlinks (I understand the difference between a regular link and a symlink, but not if this would impact the macOS differently). This brings me to ask you three related questions:

1.) Is it a good idea to create links to files or folders from other folders in this case (i.e., reduce duplicates)
2.) If yes, what’s better a shortcut (link) or symlink? And why?
3.) Can I use automator (or some other Apple process, no third-party apps) to do what you recommend?

As stated I want to do two things, reduce duplicate files (especially of large downloaded reports) and overall help me have a better organized file system.

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    2 years ago

    Many people use these for exactly this purpose. They are called Aliases. You can easily create an Alias to a file to make it more convenient to access without needing to go to the actual folder that contains the file.

    Symlinks are not something that typical Mac users would do. Just use Aliases. Not sure why you would need Automator for this. It is all just built into the Finder.

    Here is a video on Aliases:

    Here is a recent video on other ways to have easy access to files:

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