Forum Question: Show new app icons in the Applications stack

How can I force the Applications stack in the dock to show the actual icon right away, instead of the generic “circle with slash” icon that hangs around for an undetermined amount of time?
Lou Valencia

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    4/26/11 @ 6:27 am

    Which version of Mac OS X are you using. I knew this was a problem with Leopard (10.5) but I haven’t heard of it for a while, not with Snow Leopard anyway.
    Back then, people found you could force the icon to update many ways:
    1. Type “killall dock” in the Terminal to restart the dock.
    2. Drag the icon out of the stack and then Undo the move.
    3. Log out and back in.
    But other than that, you could just wait and eventually it would fix itself.

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