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Simple Calendar app for desktop?

Hey Gary,

Could you suggest a calendar app that will sit on my desktop, across all Spaces? I downloaded Pando Calendar but when I switch spaces to a new desktop, it disappears. I’ve disbaled my Ical widget to speed the machine up, so a low memory, simple, non fancy app would be great. And will my Mac get faster if I delete Applications that I don’t usually load often? I mean, do the apps take up Ram even when they’re not running?

— Dhruv

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    10 years ago

    I don’t use any desktop modification like that, sorry. I think iStat had a calendar that sat in the toolbar — and there are other toolbar calendars too. But I don’t currently use one.
    Search Apple’s software directory for calendar to see what comes up.
    As for deleting applications — no, if an application isn’t running then it isn’t using any memory. Unless you are running out of disk space, then deleting applications won’t speed up your Mac. And even if you are running out of space, it is unlikely that applications are taking up much of it.

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