Forum Question: Sleep, MacBook & Battery

First, sorry if I’ve been a Forum hog of late. New Apple product seems to generate a lot of questions!
Next, followed along with some video and discussions here on MacMost about leaving one’s MacBook, iMac, etc. in Sleep instead of cycling on and off.
I’ve been trying this since purchasing my new MacBook Pro last week and I’m finding the battery loses about 6% of reserve while asleep for approximately 24-hours.
Does this sound about right? Is there anything I can do before putting the MacBook to sleep which will decrease the batter draw during Sleep?

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    3/4/11 @ 2:10 pm

    6% sounds great. That’s pretty incredible, actually. A few years ago it would have been expected that sleeping your laptop for 24 hours would have drained 50% or more.
    Nothing is really “running” when your MacBook is asleep, it is all just waiting. So there’s not much you can do to minimize battery drain while sleeping. Well, besides plugging it in.

    3/4/11 @ 3:46 pm

    Ok. That’s good to know. I had, to be honest, anticipated the battery to lose less reserve than that during sleep.

    But it sure is nice opening the lid and BOOM! You’re up and running right away. Never experienced that with any version of Windows with which I’m familiar, although I hear 7 is much better with Sleep.

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