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Slow Down In Wifi Since Upgrade To Lion

I recently upgraded my iMac i7 (mid 2010) to Lion and noticed that my wifi download speeds dropped from 20Mbps down to 5-10Mbps. My wife has an iMac i5 (mid 2011) with Lion natively installed and is still getting 20Mbps download speeds. We are both running OS X 10.7.2. We are using Time Warner Cable. Using a Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G with Speedbooster router. I see via the Apple Forums that many others have experienced this, but it seems unclear as to what to do. Before I contact Apple directly, thought I’d get an opinion here.

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    9 years ago

    I haven’t observed any speed difference.
    One unrelated thing: If you have a “G” router you are not taking advantage of the “N” wifi you have in both of your iMacs. You may want to think about upgrading so you get the most from your wifi connections.

    9 years ago

    Yes, actually I have an Apple Airport extreme router I’ve recently purchased, but haven’t installed yet. Still, my wife’s machine shouldn’t be getting double the speeds of mine and it definitely happened after I upgraded. This link points to a lot of issues – don’t know if that will tell you anything – some of it is over my head –


    Harvey Harvey
    8 years ago

    I have an iMac mid 2010 i3 at 3.06 GHz and ever since the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion, I have noticed an extreme lag between waking up and connecting to wifi. Any input?

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