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Streaming Photos from MacBook Pro to Apple TV(2)

Hi Gary – I’m trying to steam photos in iPhoto to the Apple TV and it will not recognize all photos in that application. The only ones it sees is the pictures that were imported awhile ago and not the current ones from the phone or recently imported. Any suggestions? Thanks!
George Kahler

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    10 years ago

    So it just doesn’t see those pictures at all? Like they are not even there?
    Have you checked your settings in iTunes for that Apple TV? There is a Photos tab where you can choose which photos to sync.
    Also, check to make sure you have the most up-to-date versions of your Apple TV software, iTunes and iPhoto.

    10 years ago

    All software is up-to-date, just checked. The setting in iTunes only shows “My Pictures,” not the iPhoto Library (that seems to be the problem). The iPhoto Library shows itself in Finder, but no where else. I’m guessing the iPhoto Library is where the pictures are that I want to stream…

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