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Is there a way to copy the whole content of mail from one Mac to an other and back without messing up anything and that I will have the same accounts, folders, structure etc.?
I need it because I will be away for 2 months and therefore I would like to copy the whole mail from my iMac to the MacBook and when I come back to copy the whole mail back. I wanted to buy MobileMe, but this is not possible anymore and for this case neither do I need to sync the mail.
Thank you for any tip.

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    6/9/11 @ 2:50 pm

    What type of email account do you have? If it is an IMAP account (or Gmail IMAP, or Exchange) then there is no need. Just create the account on the other Mac and both Macs will sync with the server. IMAP is “on the server” really, so you are just viewing it on your Mac.
    If not, then this would be a great time to switch to IMAP. That takes care of the problem.
    Then you could even leave the accounts on both Macs and access your email from either one at any time. Same for any iOS devices you have.

    6/9/11 @ 4:19 pm

    Hi Gary

    I have got Gmail IMAP and different Pop accounts which I manage all with Mac Mail. Unfortunately I can not switch the existing Pop accounts to IMAP. Thats why I thought maybe it is possible to copy the Mac Mail library and copy it back after my trip. But I do not know if this is possible and when yes how?

    Thank you.

    6/9/11 @ 4:23 pm

    Hi Gary

    I forgot to say that I work with MailTags and Mail ActOn with intelligent folders. So I need the tags for organizing the mails to the right folders. Thats why I think I need a one to one copy.

    Kind regards

      6/9/11 @ 4:27 pm

      I think you’re only method would be to copy your entire Mail folder over from one Mac to the other. I would quit Mail on both. Copy the folder. Then do not run Mail on the first machine, only on the second. Then copy it back when done and delete it on the second machine.
      Very risky if you have POP accounts. Especially with those extensions. Back up everything and do a one hour test, maybe?

    6/9/11 @ 4:41 pm

    Hi Gary

    Thank you very much. I does not seem to be simple.

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