Forum Question: Syncing Email Between My I-Mac, MacBook Air and I-Pad

Is It Possible To Sync Email Between My I-Mac and My New I-Pad on a Pop3 Account? My ISP is Road Runner and I hate having to see the same emails on my I-Mac, MacBook Air and I-Pad and having to delete the ones I’ve read 3 different times. I went into the preference pane and saw the I-Cloud email set up but this seems to me it’s wanting to set up a new I-Cloud mail account. Can I accomplish doing things just once with my current Brighthouse Road Runner Account? What’s the best way to doing things just once on 3 different computers? I have Lion installed on the two Macs and the I-Pad is the new one.
Darryl Lord

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    5/29/12 @ 12:24 pm

    You may want to consider changing your email service. With POP, you will have this problem. Plus there are other problems with using an ISP-based email account, like no portability, etc (’s-email-service.html)
    Why not switch to a free iCloud email account? That will give you what you want, and it is free.
    If you don’t want to use iCloud for some reason, then Gmail or some other modern email service.

    John M. Hammer
    5/30/12 @ 8:12 am

    My family uses Roadrunner from Time Warner Cable, and they offer both POP- and IMAP-based access to their email service. If you switch to IMAP, everything will sync for you automatically because everything will remain on the server (even deleted messages) unless you specifically move them off the server.

    However, as Gary suggests, you will be much better off with a different email service provider; your current ISP is a very bad choice for the reasons he outlines in his video.

      Darryl Lord
      6/12/12 @ 10:58 am

      I have done the deed and jettisoned the RR account and set up I-Cloud as well as gmail (as a backup, mainly for online purchases and the like). This seems to have exacerbated the problem. It now seems I’m deleting the same emails over and over, almost as if both services are cloning the mail even as I am deleting it. Also, the gmail seems to have 2 parts to it, so that even when I delete whats in the “in box”, it’s still showing up in the “all mail” box below. And this is only one third of the problem. Even as I’m done deleting on my I-Mac, I later go to my I-Pad or Macbook Air and there’s all the email I just deleted off the former. This situation seems to have gotten worse rather than better after dumping RR. What am I doing wrong?

        6/12/12 @ 11:05 am

        I think you are misunderstanding how Gmail works. All Mail is “All Mail” — everything you have ever gotten. Read things in your Inbox, and then remove them from your Inbox (archive them). Then use All Mail when you need to look up something from the past. That’s how you use Gmail.

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