Forum Question: Time Machine & External Hard Drive

Hi Gary, I want to start using Time machine and I have an external 500gb hard drive. On that hard drive I have about 1/2 already used up and would like to use about 150gb of that free space for time machine. Is there a way to set that up without deleting all the content I have on that drive already? My macbook pro doesnt have enough space to move all the content onto its drive to be able to do it from scratch.
Thanks again.

— Carlos M

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    4/15/10 @ 4:10 pm

    I would not recommend this. Even if you could set it up easily, you shouldn’t share a backup drive with other data. For one, how do you back up that other data?
    Hard drives are cheap. Your documents and photos are priceless. Spend $90 and get a dedicated hard drive for backups.

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