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Time Machine Not Working At Launch

When I launch my imac I get the notification that time machine could not find a Back-up . Strange, time machine can be lauched perfectly after that and I can recover files. I can launch timemachine and make a Back-up . However after a new restart same notification apears. Sorry for my bad English
What can be the problem?

Peter Dijkhuis

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    4 years ago

    Very hard to guess without a first-hand look to diagnose. Are you backing up to a network drive or a local drive? Perhaps your local drive isn’t starting up and connecting in time for OS X. So it is just a matter of a delay. Some drives will detect when it isn’t connected to a computer and then shut down. Then they may take time to start up again after they detect they are connected. Could be as simple as that.
    Sounds like it is a notification you can ignore. It may just be telling you that it couldn’t access the drive at that moment. Instead of launching Time Machine, just pay attention to whether it is backing up. No need to go into recovery mode for that. Just dismiss the notification, work for a bit, and then check to see when the latest backup occurred. Or, use the menu bat icon to notice if it is backing up.
    One simple solution is to stop “launching” your iMac. I’m guessing you mean that you shut it down, and then start it up again. Do you really need to do that? I haven’t shut down my desktop Mac since the day I got it, unless to move it. Just let it sleep. It will actually back up while it is sleeping too, and perform other maintenance tasks.

    Peter Dijkhuis
    4 years ago

    Goodmorning Gary
    Thanks. It is indeed a kind of a delay. Time Machine is working fine. I’ll put my Mac in sleepmode now.
    By the way . Love the Newsletter I receive every Thursday. I Have a Mac since many years but I’m still learning.

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