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hi Gary.
i use my macbook pro out a lot, so i don\t connect it to my time machine backup a lot. so the following have happened.
in a day i connected my macbook to the hard drive and allowed time machine to do its backup,
then after few days i decided to format and recover my mac by timemachine to be able to create a bootcamp parition.
so what i did i first connected my hard drive to my mac, opened time machine preferences and then clicked on back up now. so it took a while to do the latest backup, because there was new files, and photos in my library.
after the back up was done, i clicked it again to make sure everything was backed up.
then i have formated it and recover it from the time machine, and i was able to create the boot camp partition. everything was fine, until i have noticed that my files not all were in my mac. esecially the lates ones. the ones that i have added after the over night back up and the ones which were available in my mac when i did the last backup before formating, they were not there at all.
the desktop was older version, not the last one, and my iphotos library was missing few events, which were added few days before the formating.

gary, this thing is kinda weird, because i made sure that i have clicked the backup button in time machine twice to make sure that everything was backed up, but for some reason time machine didn’t back the latest version up, can u please explain this to me, and why it happened?? also, this happened when i bcked up my mac mini before installing snow leopard. for some reason when u press the back up button in time machine, and it does back up the files. it doesn’t back up the latest ones.

sorry for the long question, but i have to rely on my time machine , and if it doesn’t work well, then thats a big problem.

kind regards

— hsn

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    4/8/10 @ 3:50 pm

    Sounds like something went wrong, but it is impossible for me to tell what. Could have been during the backup. Could have been during the restore. I always recommend doing a second backup (using carbon copy cloner or SuperDuper) before doing something big like a wipe and restore. Now I’ve got good reason to do so.

      4/8/10 @ 7:56 pm

      for some reason i didn’t trust the time machine 100% before doing this, so i copied the important files to my hard disk in case anything abd happened. but ya this is the 2nd time that this happened, to me, and for some reason time machine doesn’t back up everything at once for some reason.
      it would be a great thing if we could understand how time machines works exactly for those machine that are not connected to it all the time.

      thanks a lot

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