Forum Question: Transferring my Music Library to an external hard drive

I have tried twice to transfer my itunes library to an external hard drive using the Organize Library command after I have redirected iTunes to look for music on the new hard drive. (The number of songs exceeds 20,000.) Both times the command has stopped in the middle due to finding a duplicate record (even though I’ve supposedly deleted all of the duplicates using Dupin). Two questions:
1) Is there anything I need to do (besides resetting the location os the music library to its original site) to make sure I haven’t lost any files in this aborted transfer?
2) Is there another way to get the music onto the new hard drive so that iTunes will “see” it? (I assume there is some magic to the Organize Library command that a simple cut-and-paste doesn’t have.)

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    1/23/11 @ 4:57 pm

    Why not just copy your iTunes Music Library folder (all contents) to the drive. Then start iTunes holding down the option key and then point it to the new location on the external drive. Once it works, just delete the old library on your internal drive.
    See 372:

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