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Using a Mac mini as a wireless switch

In my lounge room I have a number of wired Ethernet devices such as PVR, AV Receiver, blu-ray etc.
Currently I am using a ethernet cable to connect my office router to my lounge room switch, and then to the individual wired devices. The cable is long and messy, so I am looking for a wireless alternative.
Instead of buying a wireless ethernet adapter for each and every device I would like to use a mac mini to pick up the wi-fi LAN streaming media from my office and pass them to its ethernet port. Then by using an ethernet switch I could distribute the data to the various devices.
So, I want the mac mini to replace this ethernet cable.
Some may argue that using a Mac mini is an expensive overkill, even if it can be done, but I am also thinking of using the Mac mini for other things too, for example HTPC.
Please note that I am trying to distribute LAN data, not just internet, there is a difference…
So, can it be done? Thanks in advance.
Vasilis Primos

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    10 years ago

    I don’t know the answer to this.
    There is the “Internet Sharing” setting under Sharing in System Preferences. That may work, but I have never tried it the way you want to do it.
    I know you can do it with an Airport Extreme — because that’s how I currently have things set up. I have a second AirPort Extreme that “extends my network” and the ethernet ports on that one provide a wired connection to some devices nearby that don’t have wifi.

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