Forum Question: Using Airport Express to provide Ethernet connection from existing WiFi network?

My house is not wired for Ethernet, and the only phone (DSL) connection is upstairs, but most of my computing occurs downstairs. So right now, I do all of my networking over WiFi with a D-Link VWR 802.11g router required for my Vonage VOIP phone line.

I occasionally need a Wired connection downstairs, for perhaps an Xbox or a computer I am fixing that does not have WiFi, and using my netbook to share a connection is not very efficient.

If I were to purchase an Airport Express, could I sort of reverse it’s purpose? Instead of using a wired connection and broadcasting it over WiFi, could I take a WiFi connection and distill it down to a Wired Ethernet connection?

Sorry for the rather long-winded question.

— Ignignokt

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    7/5/10 @ 5:48 pm

    I do exactly this, but with two Airport Extremes. The problem with using an Airport Express is that it has no Ethernet jacks except the one meant for connecting to the Internet. So I don’t think it would work. And if it did, you’d only get one.
    I use my old Airport Extreme after upgrading to a new dual-band one. The old AE sits in the basement and is connected to three ethernet-only devices. The new AE runs the network, and the old one is simply set to extend the network. Works great.

    7/5/10 @ 6:12 pm

    Well, I was curious, because this thread at ( seems to think that it’s possible, I was only looking for verification. I would only need the one Ethernet connection as well.

    If you are able to use the Wired ports on your Airport Extreme to access your wireless network, it would stand to reason that it would work on an Airport Express, even though it has only 1 ethernet port.

    I was thinking that if I’m going to pay for WiFi on a 360, I should at least get one that doubles as a portable router, is 802.11n, and made by Apple.

      7/5/10 @ 10:27 pm

      It may work, yes. I don’t have an Express to try it with. But if you are going to spend all the money for an Express, going up a little and getting an Extreme with more than one port might be worth it.

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