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Verizon iPhone Battery

I bought a new Verizon IPhone last week and for the last 2 days my battery has been draining very fast. For instance it has gone from high 90’s to 91% in the last twenty minutes and all I’ve been doing is using my facebook app. Is there a good way to figure out why this is happening?

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    9 years ago

    Going from high 90s to low 90s in 20 minutes using an app with heavy internet use isn’t unusual. I wouldn’t judge a battery on that.
    I would think more about how long the battery lasts for long-term use over the course of a day. Remember your iPhone is like a little computer, not so much like old mobile phones or early “smart phones” that didn’t have much going on. Using 3G and Wifi and a high resolution screen and apps takes power. Some apps use a lot of power as they are communicating over wifi a lot. As long as your phone lasts all day long and charges fine at night I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
    If you feel that you have a bad battery, they take it back and have them look at it. But I don’t think a drop of less than 10% after 20 minutes of heavy Internet use is a cause for concern.

    9 years ago

    Thanks for replying so quickly to my comment. I charged my phone some in my car and then had it in my pocket for about an hour – in that time in my pocket it dropped 7%. So I think it must have some problem, is there an app you are aware of that monitors how other apps are working? How much battery they use? And how much they might be working when they aren’t actually being used? Thanks for your help. Also, I really enjoy watching your podcast, you’ve helped me out a lot since I bought my mac a couple of years ago.

      9 years ago

      No, there’s no app that does that. I’d imagine that having an app monitor other apps violates some of the rules that Apple has in place for developers.
      Remember that the % readings are just estimates. I’d be more interested in how long your battery really lasts — how long you can go with normal use before needing to charge it again.

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