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Video Taken With iPhone4S Not Oriented Correctly, How To Fix?

I held the iPhone sideways to take some video clips and it was the wrong way (camera on upper left). I imported the clips into iPhoto, but the ROTATE function is grayed-out. How do I now fix this?
BTW, the correct way is have the camera on the bottom right if you are holding it sideways.

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    12 years ago

    There are many ways to rotate a video that was shot in the wrong orientation. A simple one is to use QuickTime Player in Lion. See episode 647 for that:

    Michael Glavin
    12 years ago

    This happens to me all the time when I am not paying attention. In addition to Gary's suggestion, you can also do this with iMovie for iPad/IPhone without the need for a Mac. Just insert the video clip into a project and manually "twist" it with two fingers. You can then share to YouTube, etc., or simply re-save the clip back to your camera roll.

    That way, if you take a movie in the wrong orientation, you can fix and share on the go......

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