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What Are Some Printers That Won’t Break the Bank?


What type of printer are you currently using. The print heads on my Epson has died, and I’m in the market for something that will provide great quality, reliability, and won’t break the bank….. Thanks for the help on this….


Gary Moton

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    2 years ago

    In general, I try to avoid printing altogether. I done the paperless office thing for a while. But sometimes it is needed, especially with a kid in school.

    I avoid "inkjet" printers. I hate them. They are cheap, but the ink will cost you. If you use them a lot they break down. If you don't use them a lot the ink dries up. The photos you print look great for the first month, but never quite right after you change inks, etc. If I need a photo printed I order it online for $0.10 or whatever per photo. If I am in a rush, I use the local drug store that prints on demand.

    I like laser printers. That is what I have had for the last 15 years. They use toner that looks the same whether you are on the original cartridge or years down the line. The cartridges are expensive but lasts so much longer than ink. And they don't dry up. And they print fast and reliably.

    Look for a laser printer from a major brand like HP, Brother or Canon. You can usually get a black and white for about $100 and a color for $200 or a little more.

    Terry Lynne
    2 years ago

    I heartily agree with you, Gary, on the merits of laser printers. After years of putting up with drying ink and sub-part prints, I yielded to Costco's sale on the HP LaserJet Pro M281 Color. I am very happy, as this is a scanner/copier/printer combo (also fax, but I don't use that function). Easy setup on my older MacBookPro 13" laptop and prints normal documents fast and with excellent quality. Takes forever on photos, though I use it mostly for home office purposes so no biggie there.

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