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What Is a Good VPN for MacBook Pro and iPads?

Do Apple provide a VPN to use with their products, or is there a recommended one. I am in the UK.
Tony T

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    4 years ago

    Apple does not have a VPN service. There are many competing cross-platform VPN services that you can use. I'm currently using Private Internet Access and it works well on macOS and iOS across my devices. Before that I used NordVPN, EncryptMe and many others. They all work pretty much the same, but I'm only using them when I travel. I don't find the need to use them when at work or home Wi-Fi or using my mobile connection.

    You'll just need to show around and find one that you like. They really aren't that different from each other. But maybe you have a specific purpose for getting a VPN that makes one stand out more than others for you.

    Tony Staples
    4 years ago

    Hi Gary. Did you leave NordVPN for a reason? They seem to be very popular and recommended. I’m considering installing a VPN.

    4 years ago

    Tony: Not a compelling one. They had a security breach last year, but it didn't look serious ( My plan expired so I was open to new ones. A friend recommended PIA. I was never 100% happy with how Nord worked on the Mac, but the same is true with others I have tried. PIA so far seems to be working well.

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