Forum Question: What Is a Good Webcam for a MacBook Air With Lion 10.7.4 That Can Work With iMovie?

I want to record therapy sessions lasting at least an hour in iMovie. I have a MacBook Air Model A 1370, late 2010. The operating system is Lion 10.7.4. I’m using iMovie 2011. I tried a Logitech c910 and it won’t work. Logitech says that a Logitech c910 would work if it were P/N 860-000266 but the one I bought is P/N 860-000319. I don’t know how to find such a specific camera type, and Amazon says they don’t have it. Is there another cameral that would work? Thank you!!
Kim Rosenberg

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    8/13/12 @ 3:12 pm

    The Logitech camera you are referring to is actually sold with a “for Mac” on the package. It is the one sold in the Apple Stores. So look for that on the box and you know you are getting the right one.
    I have used that one with success. Recently, I have also used the C920 and it works — even though it says it is not for Mac.
    The deal is that “not for Mac” means the bundled software that comes with it is Windows software. But you don’t need that stuff on your Mac with iMovie, PhotoBooth, QuickTime, etc.
    I’m actually surprised that the C910 you have doesn’t work. Have you tried it with QuickTime Player instead of iMovie?

      Kim Rosenberg
      8/13/12 @ 4:33 pm

      I haven’t tried it with Quicktime and had to send it back today in order to meet the deadline for getting my money back. But it wouldn’t load at all onto my computer. In doing some research I was told that the P/N of the one sent to me, 860-000319 won’t work on any Mac operating system newer than 10.6. Mine is Lion 10.7.4. I don’t know how to be sure I get a c910 with the P/N I need, which is 860-00026. Arg.

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